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Are you looking for a certified real estate appraiser for your home?

a) First step: determine the purpose of the appraisal

  • Purchase/sale?
  • Mortgage financing?
  • Division of property (estate/divorce)?
  • Insurance?
  • Capital gain?
  • Feasibility study ?


b) Second step: gather information for the appraisal report

Residential building/vacant lot

  • Municipal tax account statement
  • School tax account statement
  • Certificate of location

Multi-family, commercial or industrial building

  • Above-mentioned documents
  • Leases
  • Building-related expenses


c) Third step: visit the building in question

  • Take photos inside and outside the building
  • Gather information on the building condition (renovations carried out, etc.)


The certified appraiser’s work consists of researching data on the comparable sales market and other data to determine the value of the property using a recognized appraisal method, including the following:

  • Cost method
  • Comparison method (market)
  • Revenue method (if applicable)

We will then provide an estimate of the building’s definitive market value.

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