Groupe LPCA

Évaluateurs immobiliers agréés
Depuis 1975

What you need to know

With accreditations from most financial institutions, the LPCA Group’s appraisers work closely with these institutions to simplify the real estate appraisal process for our clients. We have various qualified appraisers available so we can produce a report within 24 to 48 hours following the approval of an appraisal mandate.


It is very important to note that all mandates entrusted to us are treated on a strictly confidential basis with the representatives of your financial institution. Therefore, no information will be disclosed to your client or his/her representatives unless we receive your authorization.


We are fully aware of the role we have to carry out. Please rest assured that we will take all steps to provide you with reports that accurately reflect the real estate market level based on the characteristics of the buildings we are asked to appraise while maintaining an impartial and objective viewpoint.


Therefore, if we are given the honour of serving you, we assure you that we will remain available and cooperative with regard to any additional information you may require.